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Female Sports Development officially launched

NARU Sports’ Female Sports Development Program is a comprehensive plan to boost female sports around the world and specifically where the foundation for female sports is lacking. It is to be implemented in collaboration with multinational companies, federations, and...

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Welcome to Hero Girls Camp 2018

Naru Sports presents Hero Girls Camp 2018, an international women's soccer camp with elite players. The camp, for girls aged between 12 and 17 years old, will be held in Barcelona from July 22th to August 4th. All the participants will be hosted at Sarrià Student's...

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6 Ways to stay fit during holidays

Holidays tend to interrupt training routines and daily habits like nutrition but.. Don’t worry! Here you have 6 ways to stay fit and keep your good shape: 1. Make your own plan. Count the days you will be able to exercise and decide which kind of workout...

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The debut of FC Barcelona Girls Camp

Contributing to the growth of women’s equality with a special focus on providing greater visibility to women’s athletics was one of the pillars of Naru Sports birth. Under this mission, the first project was the FC Barcelona Girls Camp, an enriching sports experience...

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