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In 2014, Christian received a request from a United States girls’ soccer team to participate in a boys’ camp in Spain. The sports management companies were not offering any program aimed at the female audience. In other countries, some members of the company continued to see first-hand the struggle and inequality that women faced in all career options. Recognizing this opportunity, we began thinking of ways to create an environment of equality in women’s athletics.

A lack of equality and opportunity for women is prominent throughout the world and in all walks of life, but especially athletics. The time and effort that women put into their craft can be just as great or more than their male counterparts, yet they often must take a far more difficult and underpaid path to reach their goals. It was time for a change.

We decided to embark on the mission of contributing to the growth of women’s equality with a special focus on providing greater visibility to women’s athletics and established a new company to help them achieve their goal: NARU Sports.

The FC Barcelona Girl’s Camp was the first project of NARU Sports and a faithful reflection of the philosophy and values of the team. Over time, other projects such as ACE Program, Soccer Fan Trip and Clinics & Stages have materialized, among others. On the other hand, collaboration agreements with entities such as the United Nations and Unicef ​​allow NARU Sports to continue to advance in the purpose of giving women a greater role in today’s society and sport.

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