Holidays tend to interrupt training routines and daily habits like nutrition but.. Don’t worry! Here you have 6 ways to stay fit and keep your good shape:

1. Make your own plan. Count the days you will be able to exercise and decide which kind of workout would fit better.

2. Discover new spaces. Your training facilities might not be open, think of your neighborhood or home. You could use books, your bed, bottles.. Just be creative!

3. Workout with a friend. Training with someone is usually easier and funnier. Holidays can be a great chance to catch up and go running or biking. Sounds like a plan!

4. Enjoy food responsibly. Some big meals are inevitable and yummy, enjoy them! Just try to not eat in excess and don’t forget about proteins, hydrates and water.

5. Eat healthy snacks. Grab healthy and tasty snacks like energy bars, fruit or sandwiches when you are hungry, it will make a difference!

6. Rest well and enough. It is a vital and cool part of exercising, sleep well and long enough (7-8 hours per day) to be unstoppable!